CLRTD Minecraft Server

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Post ideas, suggestions and Questions here


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    Votings are over and a the new CLRTD Minecraft Server is opening on Saturday (09.03.19) 0am GMT/UTC!

    • IP:
    • Version: 1.13.2 (PC) vanilla
    • Will start with about 30-40 slots and increase when we are sure everything is working correctly
      (also depending on demand)


    • Protected, plot based building world
    • "anarchy" world for farming, building, PVP... whatever you want
    • Economy and trading
    • A few small minigames
    • Maybe some crossovers with our PYX server if possible
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    Server is now open!

  • I had a question about the shop. It is well made but lacks the option of buying stuff like bone meal or dyes. I know it will be fixed but just wanted to tell. I do want to say thanks for having the server on 1.13. It opens much more options!


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