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If you find any Bugs or Glitches you can post them here.
And if you have any Ideas or Wishes you can post them here aswell


  • I love clrtd but it needs more offensive blank sentences.

  • LazLaz
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    Not sure if this was mentioned somewhere else... just joined forums today and have been looking around (also at Trello), but -

    Any chance of adding the ability to save a set of card packs for quick-loading into a new game at a later time?

    Also, would it be possible to set a blank card to pre-written answer ratio?

    We've played some where we set max blank cards but don't see very many across a whole game. We might see 15 out of 60, for example, in a game of 8-10 people with a score of 8-10, so several rounds.

  • @Laz Since we dont want to overuse cookies/session storage saving decks or syncing favorites on xyzzy will have to wait until we implement accounts. We still want to do a lot of stuff regarding gameplay and blanks but are pretty busy with cast at the moment. (The Trello board is out of date btw bc we switched to a more professional but not public solution)

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