XYZZY/CAH problems/questions

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Report any bugs, performance issues, or other problems
Also if you have any questions ask them here


  • I've only found one thing, when you're playing with more than like 4 people, the way the white cards show up, once those people select their cards they appear at the top you know, and if there are more than 4 cards they then make a second row, well because the cards increase in size a little when you hover over them, when I try to pick some of MY white cards it is close enough to the already chosen white cards and makes them increase, this causes my cards to be blocked and I can't access them. I think the easiest solution is an option button that lets me resize how big the white cards appear on my screen.

  • yeah i'm aware of that… i think thats a problem with the original code which was written in abolute values instead of % which means that we need to rewrite a lot of it which again may lead to other problems. Will look into it tho

  • Hi!

    we wanted to install and play around with the code

    could you possibly tell us how to deploy it?

    is there a dockerfile for your CLRTD-version of pretendyourexyzzy?

    we'd be very thankful for any advice here! thank you!

  • You deploy it the same way as you would with the original version. Ajanata (the original creator of PYX) has a guide on how to deploy it on his GitHub page.

  • Hi

    What is the Corona mini-game, is it why some of the players are showing as Infected?

  • The CAH game should be more mobile friendly...

  • can yall like add in a contact admin hotline or somethin like that
    i mean, we need a quick way to contact yall if we need help.

  • also, if yall do create this hotline thing, pls give me credit for the idea

  • About the mobile thing: coming in the next update (hopefully)
    An admin ticket system would be nice yeah (added it to the trello board)

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